Dr Claire Hayes


Dr. Claire Hayes is a consultant clinical psychologist, lecturer, author, researcher and a former Clinical Director of Aware. She has over 30 years experience and her particular interest lies in helping people to understand their stressors and to learn practical, evidence-based ways of coping using psychoeducational cognitive behavioural approaches.


1998-2001       Dublin City University           Ph.D.

1992-1994       University College Dublin      M.Psych.Sc. (Clin.Spec.)

1990-1991       University College Dublin      M.Psych.Sc. (Research)

1988-1990       University College Dublin      Dip. Psych. (Hons.)

1983-1986       Carysfort College, Dublin       B.Ed (Hons.)

  • Interview with Marian Finucane, listen to the recording here 
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